Write Meaningful User Stories That Everyone Understands

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Learn the skills needed to write highly effective and intelligent User Stories, Epics & Themes.

Most organizations that have adopted Agile frameworks are oblivious to the fact that very few people in those organizations know how to actually write sound User Stories. Since User Stories are conversational in their verbiage, it is very hard for the un-initiated to know whether a given User Story is correct and if not, what might be missing in that User Story. Most of the time what gets passed as a User Story is simply a task or a set of tasks OR maybe an end-user’s goal but without potential benefit OR a research activity, etc. There are several ways a User Story gets mis-used and totally wasted. This course will teach you to see through all this rut that exists w.r.t User Stories. Not only that, this course will teach you to quickly conceptualize and actually write User Stories.

What Will You Learn

This course is designed to teach how to think in terms of user stories. This is a super important aspect of this course since as you know, thought precedes action. So, if you can think it, you can write it.

Additionally, this course will enable you to write precise Acceptance Criteria which are a must in order for a User Story to be worked on by development team. Moreover, course will also enlighten you on the topics of Epics & Themes to the point that you will also be able to conceptualize and quickly write Epics and Themes.

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